Lepin 05069 Star Wars Trade Federation MTT

  • $125.00

  • Used in Star Wars Episode I till Episode III, the iconic MTT was a perfect troop transport in the Trade Federation until they went down. This model is in gigantic size and powerful equipped for any circumstances. 
  • Impressive total of 20 mini figures which include 16 normal battling droids with weapons, 2 burgundy color security droid with workloads and 2 blue pilot droids. 
  • Gigantic round flap doors to the front, opening up to reveal the transportation container full of battling droids. 
  • Equipped with cannons mounted with rotating ball system. 
  • Lots of details to the interior with 3 rear doors, transport storage, cockpit and opening up panels to the top and sides. 
  • Emergency escape hatch to the back of the cockpit for pilot droids to exit in critical situations.
  • Match up with other Star Wars brick sets to re-create the classic scenes in the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Just a perfect add-on to any other Star Wars brick sets. 



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