King 83002 MetalBeard's Sea Cow (Previously known as Lepin 16002)

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Shiver me timbers, the Micro Managers are approaching our heroes and MetalBeard aboard his wacky Sea Cow ship. Climb the mast to keep a look-out. Fire the powerful shooting cannons from the side of the ship to repel the Micro Managers. And watch out �one has flick missiles and the other can shoot a net! Raise the anchors, spin the rear propellors and steer the ship to safety with the mini version of MetalBeard at the wheel.

Includes 4 minifigures: Benny, Emmet, Vitruvius and Wyldstyle, and 2 figures: MetalBeard and Queasy Kitty.

Also includes a cow with wings!

The large Micro Manager features fold-up wings with hidden flick missiles, 2 claws and fold-down satellite dish.

The small Micro Manager features a net shooter Weapons include 2 flint guns, 2 flint pistols and 2 swords.

Steer the ship with the mini MetalBeard with sword and treasure chest.

Fire the cannons on both sides of the ship to fend off attackers.

Take off the funnel to access the cannon and ammunition deck.

Open the top to access the captain’s cabin and check out the maps, treasure chest, MetalBeard portrait and more!

Open the doors to the boiler room to access the weapons.

Turn the exhaust to raise and lower the anchors.

Rotate the giant side turbines.

Place a minifigure on the fore mast to operate the mounted guns.

Keep a look-out from the crow’s nest.

Get the fire going below the huge funnel.

Make the rear propellers spin and speed away.

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