11503 Fire Station (Similar to Lepin 02052)

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11503 Fire Station  is a City set echoes LEGO 60110 of the same name and is LEGO compatible building block set. The set consists of 1029 pieces and is designed for kids aged from 6 above. This 11503 Fire Station includes the following:

  • The building is assembled from three modules – one office and two garages. In this case, you can build them together in nine different combinations.
  • This is indicated by two square towers of the model – they were located exactly at such a distance between themselves: two hundred is the distance of the flight of an arrow fired from combat bow;
  • Yellow chair and coffee making machine;
  • The room above is occupied by the dispatch service – the operator’s workplace with a PC is equipped here, there is a telephone and a desktop radar installation. The map of the territory under control is placed on the wall;
  • On the last floor there is a recreation area for firemen on duty – here we see a bunk bed.
  • The roof of the office attracts attention with the name of the object and with the logo, high antenna and a pair of satellite dishes, as well as an air conditioner unit. And one more detail: the presence of a yellow rope – the alarm team quickly descends on it with the help of a special holder.
  • In the garage under the first number is a passenger car.
  • In the second garage, noticeably larger in area, the fire truck is located. On its roof is equipped with a helipad.

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